3 Tips For Social Media Marketing

by | May 18, 2020 | Marketing Services

Social media marketing has become a necessity for companies. From using platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to even Tik Tok or Pinterest, having a social media presence is important. Here are some tips to manage your social media marketing.

Using The Right Platforms

Understanding which platforms to use can get confusing. We usually follow a few general rules:

1.) Every company should have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

2.) Most B2B companies don’t need an Instagram account.

3.) Every B2B company should have a LinkedIn.

4.) Tik Tok is for B2C companies targeting younger audiences.

These general rules are great to follow if you are struggling to know which platforms to use, but every company is different and a few might not fall under these rules.

It’s Not All About Engagement Numbers And Followers

Follower counts and engagement numbers are important to keep track of. They help you know how well liked your brand is and that you are putting the right content out there. BUT those stats are more of an icing on the cake piece of information. It’s more important to have a regular presence on social media so that your audience can stay informed and potential customers can validate your business when researching. A new prospect who doesn’t see you on social or that your last post was months ago might think you are illegitimate or inactive and go elsewhere.

Using The Most Out Of Each Platform

Whatever platforms you decide to use, make the most out of them. Use their special features as often as you can and don’t post the same thing on each platform. Use IGTV and stories on Instagram, use poll questions and retweets on Twitter, use slide shares and link previews on LinkedIn, and so on. The better the content, the more engagement you will have and those prospects who are researching your company will see you are making an effort to stay engaged.

Need help with your social media marketing? We specialize in managing social media platforms for our clients. We have content specialists and graphic designers that create the best content for your company and post on all of your platforms regularly to ensure social media growth. Check out our services here or reach out to our team to learn more.

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