3 Tips For Social Media Marketing

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Social media has become a necessity for companies. From using platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to even Tik Tok or Pinterest, having a social media presence is important. Here are some tips to manage your social media marketing.

Using The Right Platforms

Understanding which platforms to use can get confusing. We usually follow a few general rules:

1.) Every company should have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

2.) Most B2B companies don’t need an Instagram account.

3.) Every B2B company should have a Linkedin.

4.) Tik Tok is for B2C companies targeting younger audiences.

These general rules are great to follow if you are struggling to know which platforms to use, but every company is different and a few might not fall under these rules.

It’s Not All About Engagement Numbers And Followers

Follower counts and engagement numbers are important to keep track of. They help you know how well liked your brand is and that you are putting the right content out there. BUT those stats are more of an icing on the cake piece of information. It’s more important to have a regular presence on social media so that your audience can stay informed and potential customers can validate your business when researching. A new prospect who doesn’t see you on social or that your last post was months ago might think you are illegitimate or inactive and go elsewhere.

Using The Most Out Of Each Platform

Whatever platforms you decide to use, make the most out of them. Use their special features as often as you can and don’t post the same thing on each platform. Use IGTV and stories on Instagram, use poll questions and retweets on Twitter, use slide shares and link previews on LinkedIn, and so on. The better the content, the more engagement you will have and those prospects who are researching your company will see you are making an effort to stay engaged.

Need help with your social media marketing? We specialize in managing social media platforms for our clients. We have content specialists and graphic designers that create the best content for your company and post on all of your platforms regularly to ensure social media growth. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Understanding And Increasing Your Google Search Ranking

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Wanting to increase your website’s Google search ranking? There are a few ways to do that. The first step is understanding how Google operates and then using search engine optimization (SEO).

Google Search

Google has digital spiders that crawl through the internet to gather website information from new or updated pages. Once your page data has been stored, Google will display it in the search results for users who are searching for something similar to that page. There are several criteria that determine how high pages will show up in the rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

You can increase your rankings through proper search engine optimization. SEO is maximizing your website pages for user experience and search results. Here are some key areas of your web pages to focus on:

  1. Each page has a focus keyword that people are searching for. Use Google Trends to find popular search words
  2. Use content that users understand and is relevant to the topic (meaning don’t randomly put the keyword all over the page)
  3. Lower page loading speeds. You can do that by compressing images and coding
  4. Increase page visits through ads, social media, emails, etc

You can learn more about how Google judges website pages here. If you have any questions about SEO or need help implementing it throughout your website, reach out to our team.

Increasing Revenue For Your Business

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Looking to increase revenue for your business? The key is diversifying your marketing channels. A business needs to use multiple channels to reach new target audiences and keep current audiences engaged. If you don’t change the way you get in front of your audience then you limit your reach and create stagnation within your audiences. Here are some channels that can be useful for increasing revenue in your business.

Paid Ads

Paids ads are a great way to target specific audiences that you haven’t reached before. By using Facebook Ad Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and Google Ads you can create ad campaigns that target certain age groups, search keywords, job titles, among other specifications. Paid ads do cost money, but the return on investment could be worth the cost for increasing revenue.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all have different purposes for users, but each platform is a great asset for a business. From communicating with audiences on company updates to building customer loyalty. You can build large followers with customers who already know and like your product on the platforms that make sense for your business.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns can help increase your website goals and conversions. With proper email content that has personality, responsive graphics, and creative CTA’s, converting subscribers will be easy to help in increasing revenue for your business. Here are some great email marketing tips from Hubspot.

Website Blog Posts

Blog posts will increase google search results, website viewers, and customer satisfaction. When a possible customer goes searching for an answer or tips on a particular area, a blog post with proper SEO will show up on google to help them. After reading your helpful blog post, they are likely to search around your website and could become a customer.

The more marketing channels being used, the more revenue you can make. But using a lot of channels can take time learning and managing them, so let us do it for you. You can learn about our marketing services capabilities here or contact us to learn more.

Using AB Testing For Your Website

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Ab testing for your website

Are you trying to increase the conversion rates of your website goals? The best way to do that is finding the right content that can grab your viewers. We recommend AB testing to test your old content with new content. We want to help you know what to test, when to test, and what software to use.

What Content Should You Test

Unless you are doing a complete web refresh, a test should be on something small. That could be changing the light CTA content, adding or taking out a paragraph, moving testimonials up or down on the page, replacing an image and so on. Which ever small change you decide, only test that one change. A test with multiple changes will dilute the results because you don’t know which one was the reason for an increase or decrease in your conversions. After a large sample amount for the test (we recommend over 2,000 sessions per variation) keep the content that increased your conversion rate.

How Often Should You Test

We recommend having one test a month for your website. This gives you time to build a large amount of data to find the wining variation and users who often visit your site won’t be constantly seeing changes on your website.

What Software Should You Test With

We personally like using Hotjar and Google Optimize for our testing. Hotjar is able to create heatmaps and recordings of where users go on your site. It gives you ideas of what to test next if particular buttons or sections don’t get much interactions. You can then use Google Optimize to create the the test. Optimize will even give you data to decide which variation was better.

Want professionals to handle your AB testing? We can manage your monthly testing to ensure you have the best website possible. We use Hotjar, Google Optimize, and other tools to create the best testing variations throughout your website. Contact us if you want more details.

The Power Of Branding

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the power of branding

We all have those brands we know and love. Time and time again we go back to them vs using other competitors in the industry. Are you a Coke or Pepsi drinker, Verizon or AT&T user, Xbox or Playstation player, Disney or Warner Bros fan, and the list goes on and on. Notice something on that list? Companies that have built massive amounts of assets and customer loyalty control their industry and take a large portion of the target audience. But a smaller company with far few employees and assets can enter the conversion with the industry leaders or take over their niche market with the power of branding.

The Power Of Branding Can Improve Your Business In A Few Ways:

Increases Employee Satisfaction

A flagship is designed to guide a fleet of boats into uncharted territories and be a familiar sight to those aboard, much like what a brand should be for your employees. A powerful brand and messaging strategy stamped across your website, social media, office delights, and walls of the building keeps employees motivated through the journeys of business. A brand with a strong logo that integrates your company values makes employees eager to share it with the world and reminds them why they came aboard in the first place.

Builds Validation

Something that can often be overlooked? Building validation for your company. This means that when someone goes searching for your brand, they can easily find it, and trust it. A consumer that sees you have a good website with blog posts and chat features, show up on Google listings, and have a social media presence will see you are a valid company. To fully trust your product or service though, consumers needs to see the same color scheme, the same font styles, the same logo, and the same voice you write in across the board.

Gain Consumer Loyalty

Once you build trust across your consumers to get a sale, the next step is to create customer loyalty. A great way to keep customers coming back to your business is with consumer delights. Use notebooks, postcards, gift baskets, coffee mugs, etc with your messaging strategy and logos across them to surprise your customers. Consumers who see businesses that care about them and go the extra mile are extremely likely to go back.

The power of branding can go a long way for your business. Wanting to refresh your brand a bit? We can help you create something that employees and consumers will fall in love with, while competitors roll their eyes whenever they see it, or better yet, want to join your team because of it! Contact us if you want to chat.