A strong brand identity separates you from the competition and leaves a lasting image in consumer minds.

A new company needs a strong brand that can serve as a flagship for employees and is desired by customers.

Reviving an old brand can spark employee passion and re-energize target audiences.

Our Brand Identity Capabilities Can Include:

Identify Target Audiences

Identity who you’re selling to and understand how you should effectively engage with them.

Messaging Strategy

Create unique messaging for your website, social media, paid ads, and more that resonates with your audience.

New Logo & Secondary Logos

A creative new logo that stands out along with secondary graphics for digital content.

Color Scheme & Type Fonts

Powerful designs to tell your story in a unified look.

Email Signature & Letterheads

Have universal messaging and graphics throughout your documents.

Employee Delights

Create company branded office supplies and apparel to increase employee satisfaction.

Consumer Delights

Use custom postcards, apparel, tumblers, and more to delight your consumers.

Competitor Analysis

Help differentiate yourself from competitors with a detailed analysis.

Let’s Build A Strong and

Long-Lasting Brand

Man working on brand identity.

How This Service Works

  1. Pick which Brand Identity capabilities you want
  2. Sign contract with small contract signing fee
  3. Meet with Cover 3 leadership team to fill out a business roadmap
  4. Cover 3 specialists work hard to create something unique to your business
  5. Billed at end of each month until the project is completed
  6. Monthly charges are based on hours put in throughout the month. Meaning you have no wasted costs you would normally incur from monthly flat fees or inflated service costs

Still unsure about using us, or any agency for that matter? We understand your hesitations. You know what to expect, but here are the benefits: Hiring A Marketing Agency.