Building A Logo Perfect For Your Company

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Brand

The first thing a consumer looks at on a website, social media profile, or other marketing channel is a company’s logo. This means that a company needs to have a creative, unique, and powerful logo that attracts the user immediately. Many pieces go into building the perfect logo, so it can be a daunting process. What colors? Does it need to have meaning behind it? Do I use that one logo on all my marketing collateral and channels? Should I use an image or only words? We hope to answer some of these questions for you.

Finding The Right Colors

Find colors that mean something to you. These colors will not only be apart of your logo, but will be implemented across your marketing collateral, website, and other aspects of your business. With them playing such as big part, you should love seeing them everyday. Not only should you love them, but these colors need to make employees and customers feel positive about your brand.

Here is a great test to use as you choose your colors: Pull up 10 other companies in your industry whose colors you can compare (can be websites or logos). Do your color options stand out from theirs? Are your colors unique? Are there any colors not being utilized? These questions help identify the direction you should go in. If 6 of the 10 companies use blue as their main color, you should branch out to red, yellow, green, or orange. If you see most of the companies only using 1 color (and yes, using the same color in different shades counts as 1), then branch out. Use 2 or 3 colors. You should want to stand out from the competition.

Incorporating Your Values & Story

A logo should be able to tell a story about your business. If you have a creative and collaborative culture, your logo should be vibrant and fun. If your company is all about the outdoors and experiencing life, your logo should emulate that with natural colors and environmental features such as trees, grass, water, or flowers. If you are in the professional services industry, your logo should make the audience feel like they are working with a reputable and capable company.

You will want to create a secondary logo for social media profiles, website images, and other marketing channels. This can help show off the creativity and identity of your brand. It also helps to have a smaller logo when your main one is too big to fit in profile images. Secondary logos and images don’t need to be drastically different from your main logo, just something that your audience can still recognize as you. We love using our 3 because its simple, yet still captures what we do in that we offer our clients 3 core digital marketing services.

Have questions on building a logo for your company? We have graphic designers that know how to create a logo perfect for your business. You can contact us or look into our brand identity services.

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