Building Brand Loyalty

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Brand

Customers that keep going back to a specific brand for their needs instead of using competitors are an important asset to companies. This is because repeat customers are easier to sell to, increase referral business, and can help identify key target audiences for better conversions. While all of those benefits are great to have, building that loyalty base can be challenging.

Here are some ways you can build brand loyalty:

Consumer Delights

Consumer delights are a great way to make your customers happy to be working with you. These are little things you can send or do that bring them joy. Some examples are sending birthday or holiday cards, handing out branded notebooks, or giving them company apparel. Not everything is a good fit for your business, however. We can help identify the right delights to use and design what they should look like. Reach out to us here for more info.

Social Media Presence

The best way to communicate and engage with your customers is through social media. These platforms let you interact in many different ways from sharing company updates, hosting giveaways, direct messaging, and more. The more you utilize social media and engage with your followers, the more they will like and share your business. Here are some content ideas from Hootsuite.

Value Adds

Value adds are the extra things you do for your clients that go beyond the service required. This may take some extra time and energy on your end, but is well worth it for creating brand loyalty. For example, we often teach our clients how to use a new software or feature we add to their business so that they can use it themselves if needed. We exclude that from the bill because we want them to succeed and know that small gestures help build a strong relationship and an effective partnership.

Repeat customers can be a company’s most important revenue stream. If you need help increasing your brand loyalty, we can help.

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