Marketing For Your Construction Company

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Services

Construction marketing is unique. It isn’t the same as marketing an apparel business or some professional firm. It starts with 3 main areas to showcase work, reviews, and your services. 

Construction Marketing Best Practice: Website

It starts with your website. No matter what, how, or where you advertise your business; all channels point back to your website. Leads want to see how professional you look, your detailed and beautiful work portfolio, and see how accessible you are to them. All too often, we see a bad website hurt engagement and closing potential customers. 

Search for top construction, roofing, home improvement, or other related businesses to you and click the TOP 2 or 3 reviewed (by stars and amount of reviews) businesses and compare their website to yours. If you were a consumer, who would you go with? If you are lacking in design, strategy, content, pages, etc; then you have a problem that NEEDS to be fixed. 

Best Practice: Social Media

Next is social media. If you are only using one or no social media platforms, then you need to correct that! You should use social media to engage with current customers and find new ones. 

  1. Use Instagram for showcasing your team and work. Engage with customers as your business profile.
  2. Use Pinterest for sharing DIY projects and your work.
  3. Use Facebook for posting often and about everything. Plus to communicate with customers. 


Reviews. Reviews. Reviews. You should get them early and often to stand out against any competitor and to convert leads into customers. Ask them at maximum satisfaction and on different platforms (GMB, FB, etc)

While this isn’t everything, this will get you started on your construction marketing journey. Once you get these main 3 areas down, then add blog posts, email campaigns, ads, and more to better grow your business. We also highly recommend using a professional team to help you build all this out. It is far too much work, skills required, and strategy for one person to handle by themselves. Contact us here or follow us on our IG (we will follow you back!) to get the help you need.