Effective Marketing For The New Digital Age

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Marketing Services

Since the start of 2020 many businesses have been pulled under water due to the lack of online traffic. One approach of staying ahead of this curve is to create and establish a firm online marketing presence. Industry leader Walmart capitalizes on this and HITS BIG with an effective marketing strategy. 

Understanding the need for an effective marketing strategy. 

Besides the fact we are living in a technological era, we have been forced to rely on technology that much more during these last several months of 2020. Additionally, trends are continuously sweeping the nation. Fading in and out, only for another wave of trends to peak and crash soon thereafter. Capitalizing on the current trend & building a strong online presence is one forsure way to thrive, and not just survive. 

Check out Walmart’s Q2 dominance, and their recipe for success in Q3:

According to Forbes Business, “Walmart shared Q2 results including 97% sales growth in the digital business”. This 97% rise was achieved by a combination of Walmart’s online presence, and the fairly new option of retail curbside pickup. Marcel Hollerbach, CMO of Productsup confirms this with a media statement, “Walmart was one of the first retailers to anticipate, adjust and meet customer needs via strategies like curbside pickup and expanding its {online} marketplace to more sellers.” 

Moving forward into Q3 and holiday Walmart emphasized, “the need to be flexible and responsive to changing customer shopping behaviors”. Here, Walmart demonstrates understanding of what it takes to be a successful company in 2020. Sales growth, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction are the products of effective marketing.  

Understanding the flow, fluctuation, and functionality of your marketing channels are no easy feat – especially in current day. The price to hire a team can be through the roof, and large outside agency contracts can be overbearing with little return. Contact us at Cover 3 Marketing for affordable & comprehensive help on implementing a success strategy for you. 

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