Graphic Design Tips: Brand Messaging

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Services

When it comes to graphic design, of the most important functions is to hone in on the message that a company is trying to convey and translate that into a beautiful & functioning design. Often, getting started proves to be the most challenging. With a blank art-board in front of you, it’s best to start building a word/image map revolving around the intended message. Once completed, the real fun begins, you’re ready to start drafting!

Graphic Design Tips: Getting Started & Receiving Feedback

I’ve found that as I’m designing I often copy and slide the design over to make a new tweak, leaving a trail of steps that led me to my current iteration. This technique gives you the freedom to examine your own thought process, allowing you to divert off any step and start an entirely new direction. I’ve found the most success using an even mix of organic/free flowing shapes and geometric patterns. This combination helps lead the viewer’s eye through the design to land on the important points a consumer should walk away knowing.

Once you have a set of 5-15 drafts worth showing I find it really helpful to show the client for critique and feedback. Be sure to have a clear reason behind each design, and always be ready to explain your thought processes. Getting feedback can be one of the hardest parts of the job, so it’s best not to get too attached to your designs. Remember: art is subjective and learning when to fight for a design and when to back off is key. If you have a clear reason, and your thought process ready to explain, it can really go the distance in winning over a client to your preferred design or to come up with something even better.

Graphic Design Mockups

Graphic Design Tips: Finalizing the Design

Once you have a clear direction from the client, get back to the drawing board and start tightening up the design. The devil is in the details, it’s best to go back through and double check spacing, alignment and consistency in font/color. If one thing is out of place it can really throw off a design. With a little more back and forth from the client you should be well on your way to finalizing the design. 

When it comes to that final step of saving out work to be distributed, be sure to convert text to outline (especially when dealing with print material). It’s also worth noting what different channels the design will be distributed through. For instance, if you finished up a logo, it’s important to save out a PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG and PSD/AI file all of which the client will need in the future.

To see some of the graphic design work we’ve done for our clients, check out this page.

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