Thinking About Hiring A Marketing Agency?

We might be a little bias, but we’ve seen the positive impact of hiring a marketing agency vs staying in house.

saving money by hiring a marketing agency

Saving You Money

Hiring your own team can cost upward of $150,000 a year depending on the amount of employees you hire from salaries and employee benefits.


Hiring our marketing agency gives you a team of experts that costs ~ $10,000 – $35,000 based on the amount of services provided.

man hiring a marketing agency

Having An Expert Team

Having to hire employees who are experts in social media, paid ads, website development, analytics, graphic design, promotions, email campaigns and more can be daunting.


Hiring our marketing agency lets you have a full team of experts that are specialized in their fields without finding them yourself.

deal being made for hiring a marketing agency

Saves You Time & Energy

A small internal team or doing things yourself can exhaust precious amounts of time and energy handling all the marketing operations.


Our agency allows you to be freed up to do more important business while the agency works on marketing with your team.

Now that you see the value in hiring a marketing agency, which one to pick?

Find an agency that has depth – meaning you can use them for a multitude of services.

The agency has found success with specific companies.

The agency can either become your marketing department, or can work well with your current team.

Need help assessing your marketing capabilities?

Cover 3 Marketing can help fill in the gaps of your marketing strategy.

Ask Yourself These Questions To Better Understand If You Need Help.

hiring a marketing agency questions