How Your web design might actually be hurting your business

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Services

There is an old saying, “You only have one chance to make a great first impression.” Think of your web design as your spokesperson who you have hired to generate business. It is the first place that portrays your business identity. 

A quality website is what sets your business apart from another. It is the place where you further establish your brand as a professional credibility. It gives you the opportunity to create online relationships with your clients. A quality website reassures the user that they can trust your business. 

Web design follows four principles of design, but the two most important factors of a good web design are repetition and readability. If website users cannot properly read the text on your site then you have immediately lost a client due to an unclear message. Another fast and easy way to lose a potential client is to have a confusing navigation system. It is extremely important to have a consistent graphic style throughout so the client knows they are viewing the same website regardless of which page they are on. 

Repeating color schemes, typefaces, buttons, and other similar style graphic elements throughout the site will engage the viewer and help them better understand the message. A well-balanced typography scheme plays a key role in quality web design. Body text should never run the full width of the web page, but lines that are too short can break up the phrasing of sentences making it difficult to read. 

Visual hierarchy is another fundamental concept of web design…

This allows the viewer to process more important information first on a web page and then move down the page to read deeper into the content. Having clear calls to actions, serve as a selling point to further engage the client. One last key factor in a good website is having a clear contact page with information the client can easily find.

Seasoned designers understand the tips and tricks of creating a quality website that will engage clients. There is a strategy in creating a focused website that attracts, engages, and converts visitors. It is important that a website is automatic and clearly funnels important information in a predictable way. Having a clear message throughout your website is key in attracting and keeping clients.

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