Influencer Marketing Strategy 101: How Do I Launch My Own Campaign?

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Marketing Services

Influencer marketing is a monster in its own right. However due to COVID-19, utilizing influencers has shown itself to be extremely beneficial to get you branding and messaging across to your potential consumers. Today, we’re going to offer you some tips to help you get your very own influencer marketing strategy up and running and how to utilize it effectively.

Picking Your Preferred Platform – The biggest step in generating an influencer marketing campaign is figuring out where to start. Look at the platforms that your target audience generally spends most of their time on. Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube are just some of the biggest platforms that host influencers that can be utilized. 

Finding Your Community The next step in the campaign is figuring out what community to target. There are tons of niche communities out there that can be utilized with the help of influencers. Figuring out which community best fits your brand or company will make this process and the campaign easier in the long run. This also helps with targeting. You could always pick the top influencer and hope that your product sells with their community. However, if you find a smaller influencer that has a more dedicated audience that is focused on areas around your brand or products you’ll be able to optimize the campaign to offer a better return on your investment.

Selecting Your Influencer(s) Just like we stated in the above paragraph, selecting the right influencer is crucial to making an effective campaign. The right influencer can make or break your campaign. You don’t want to select just the biggest influencer that’s out there. You want to find the one that fits in perfectly with your branding and your products. That way you have a better shot at optimizing the campaign for success.

The Data Behind Your Influencer(s) Create custom discount codes or products for the influencer to sell to their audience. That way you can see exactly how well the influencer does for you and if you should continue working with them. This can also help you narrow down the type of influencer to work with for future campaigns.

The way that current trends are showing, creating and implementing an influencer marketing strategy is a great opportunity for your business. Consumers like seeing products they are looking to buy in action or in some sort of use. Oftentimes they look to their favorite influencer to help make that decision. Hopefully with the help of this blog post we were able to help you construct an excellent strategy to launch your very own influencer marketing campaign!

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