Reach more consumers by increasing the numbers of marketing channels

you use.

Sweating the small stuff for you, so you can do the more important things for your business.

We work with your marketing team to help maximize your digital portfolio to increase engagement and conversions.

Our Marketing Services Capabilities Can Include:

Social Media Management

30 social media posts a month across all your platforms to increase brand engagement.

Website Blog Posts

2 posts a month that target specific keywords to increase search results and customer satisfaction.

Paid Ads

Detailed budget plan for your business and management of your paid ads.

SMS Messaging

Send more personal messages through text messages to your contact list for increased conversion rates.

Email Campaigns

2 monthly emails on new blog posts, products, or company updates to your contact lists.

Landing Pages

Landing pages for specific products, services, audiences, or keywords.

Monthly & Quarterly Analytics

Detailed reports on social media, paid ads, landing pages, and email campaigns.

Promotional Ideas

New ideas to engage with audiences, increase revenue, and build brand reputation.

Campaign & Event Support

Get social media posts, paid ads, emails, and landing pages for upcoming events.

Let’s Take Some Things Off Your Plate

Man looking through marketing services on ipad.

How This Service Works

  1. Pick which marketing services capabilities you want
  2. Choose a 3, 6, or 12 Month Contract
  3. Sign contract with small contract signing fee
  4. Meet with Cover 3 leadership team to fill out a business roadmap
  5. Cover 3 specialists work hard to create something unique to your business
  6. Billed at end of each month until the project is completed
  7. Monthly charges are based on hours put in throughout the month. Meaning you have no wasted costs you would normally incur from monthly flat fees or inflated service costs

Still unsure about using us, or any agency for that matter? We understand your hesitations. You know what to expect, but here are the benefits: Hiring A Marketing Agency.