Cost-Per-Click or Impressions: Finding the Metrics For Your Business Goals

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Marketing Services

As business owners in a digital world, you’re faced with a lot of questions. What is the best strategy for my ad campaign? Which strategy fits my budget the best? What metrics should I be watching to evaluate the success of my ad?

When it comes to a marketing strategy, the first step is always to figure out the specific goal of the project. Prioritize the goals that you want to achieve: brand awareness, traffic to your website, or even sales in general. There are specific metrics that accompany each goal and will help ensure you secure proper results and achieve the end goal of your marketing campaign. In this blog post, we’ll be going over the big two.

Cost per click refers to the price paid for each click the ad gained.


Cost-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Click campaigns are huge for both brand awareness and increasing the traffic to your website or shop. Essentially, you don’t pay for the advertisement that is placed until after a user has clicked on the advertisement, thus driving more traffic to your website or shop location. CPC campaigns can be used in search, display, shopping, and even video ads. While CPC campaigns are extremely effective and beneficial to the end goals of your campaign they can push your budget requirements as well.

Impressions, unlike clicks, are essentially "views". You'll gain one each time someone encounters your content.


Impression based campaigns are the best way to get your brand and the content you create in front of the eyes of potential consumers. With these types of campaigns, ads or promoted content is placed on users’ feeds or searches thus allowing you to achieve a higher number of views or eyes on your content. Impression based campaigns can be extremely beneficial to your end goals when targeted correctly and utilizing the best content that will make the user want to see more.

At the end of the day think about what you want to accomplish with the campaigns. When working with a marketing firm it is important to understand and list out what sort of goals you want to achieve with this partnership to really help your business reach the level of success that you wish to eventually accomplish. Reach out to us if you need help!

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