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Our certified expert marketing team works closely with software and SAAS businesses to focus on increasing reviews, demo calls, and converting free trial users into paid users.


Your Business


You have a great product that is sure to help a business or individual, but almost every consumer wants to try a free trial first. We focus on maximizing the amount of free trials and booked demos to then convert them.


Once we get the free trials and demos up, we can then use the proof of concept and demonstrative value to convert these tentative adopters into paid customers.

Manage & Grow Marketing Channels

If you have a small marketing team, it can take quite a bit of work managing all your marketing channels. You likely barely have time to make sure the content is consistent, your feeds look good, or even post on a regular basis… this is the exact type of situation we love to step into. Allow us to take care of all your channels for you while you focus on refining your product offering into its best iteration.

Our Software

Marketing services we provide

Brand Identity

Work closely with our creative team to build an eye-catching brand that includes a logo, color scheme, font, and marketing collateral for your sales & marketing team.

Website Development

Our team builds a website that will be perfect for your mission. We showcase what you do, how you do it, and the great work you have done so far. We focus on it being user-friendly and include best practice SEO considerations.

Marketing Channels Optimization

We help manage, optimize, and grow your marketing channels to reach new audiences and engage with current audiences. The main channels we focus on are social media, blog posts, ads, and email campaigns.

Growth Marketing Engine

Convert with a specific goal in mind. We help build a landing page, social posts, ads, emails, and more to promote an event, campaign, offer, and more.

Marketing Operations Upgrade

Use the right technology for your teams to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can leave a bigger impact in the community.

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Firehouse Classic Cars

I feel proud bringing my new brand identity to customers and partners. The logos and marketing collateral they created fits my company perfectly.

Markesbery & Richardson Co.

A fantastic team to work with. Very professional and really listened to what our needs were so that they could develop a awesome website for us and helped increase our social networking capabilities. The team was very responsive and understanding to our business and our desired outcome!

The Magnolia Resource

Cover 3 Marketing did an amazing job freshening up our logo, building our brand on social media, and designing a fresh website that has improved overall user experience. Their team took the time to get to know our business and effectively leveraged our unique value to build momentum.

ES Athletes

As a small business, I was a little scared to work with an agency, but they went above and beyond my expectations. They have produced amazing brand and website work for me, while also offering help with other parts of my business.

Dream Driven Women

I’m blown away by how they took my vision for my rebrand and literally made it reality. It’s tough to show someone what’s in your head when it comes to creativity and ideas, yet somehow they did it! My new website, logo and brand are something I’m proud to show and I’ve been reeeeaallly picky about it. Yet the Cover 3 Marketing team made the whole process so easy and the result was WELL worth it. Cannot wait to partner on the next project! These guys are a part of my marketing team now, 100%.

Solely Sisterhood

Being a new small business is all fun until you realize how much goes into making your business known and successful. The owner of Cover 3 Marketing, Eric, has been such a help to me and my business. He takes the time to answer my questions and research and learn new things just to help my online shop, Solely Sisterhood. He and Aaron, his partner are both extremely passionate about helping small businesses and it shows. I cannot wait to watch my business continue to expand as I work with them. If you are in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, or Illinois area, you should definitely check out Cover 3 Marketing. You won’t find a marketing agency that cares about your brand as much as they do.