The Power Of Branding

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Brand

We all have those brands we know and love. Time and time again we go back to them vs using other competitors in the industry. Are you a Coke or Pepsi drinker, Verizon or AT&T user, Xbox or Playstation player, Disney or Warner Bros fan, and the list goes on and on. Notice something on that list? Companies that have built massive amounts of assets and customer loyalty control their industry and take a large portion of the target audience. But a smaller company with far few employees and assets can enter the conversion with the industry leaders or take over their niche market with the power of branding.

The Power Of Branding Can Improve Your Business In A Few Ways:

Increases Employee Satisfaction

A flagship is designed to guide a fleet of boats into uncharted territories and be a familiar sight to those aboard, much like what a brand should be for your employees. A powerful brand and messaging strategy stamped across your website, social media, office delights, and walls of the building keeps employees motivated through the journeys of business. A brand with a strong logo that integrates your company values makes employees eager to share it with the world and reminds them why they came aboard in the first place.

Builds Validation

Something that can often be overlooked? Building validation for your company. This means that when someone goes searching for your brand, they can easily find it, and trust it. A consumer that sees you have a good website with blog posts and chat features, show up on Google listings, and have a social media presence will see you are a valid company. To fully trust your product or service though, consumers needs to see the same color scheme, the same font styles, the same logo, and the same voice you write in across the board.

Gain Consumer Loyalty

Once you build trust across your consumers to get a sale, the next step is to create customer loyalty. A great way to keep customers coming back to your business is with consumer delights. Use notebooks, postcards, gift baskets, coffee mugs, etc with your messaging strategy and logos across them to surprise your customers. Consumers who see businesses that care about them and go the extra mile are extremely likely to go back.

The power of branding can go a long way for your business. Wanting to refresh your brand a bit? We can help you create something that employees and consumers will fall in love with, while competitors roll their eyes whenever they see it, or better yet, want to join your team because of it! Contact us if you want to chat.

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