“This isn’t the right time, sorry.” – When To Hire a Marketing Agency

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Other

We often get the objection “this isn’t the right time, sorry.” So this poses the question for many business owners, when to hire a marketing agency? What is the right time to bring in a partner? 

From our experience, here are some of the best times to consider working with a marketing firm; spoiler alert – it’s a lot because marketing is used for so much more than just increasing sales.

The Growth Phase – When you begin to see large growth opportunities arise in your business, things can get a bit hectic. Hiring more employees, changing operational processes, getting an increase in revenue, and the list goes on. The growth phase is incredibly exciting (we know, we just went through it), but it can create a lot of stress and challenges (we dealt with that too). This is the opportunity to hire an agency that can help bring their proven process in and also help maintain the current growth you are seeing. 

Before A New Quarter or New Year – At the beginning of a new quarter or new year is a perfect time to unveil a brand new website, marketing strategy, or logo because customers and employees are looking to start fresh with something new and engaging. Well, introducing these new projects takes TIME you might not have. That’s where enlisting an agency’s help to quickly get things ready for you to launch the latest project for the next year or quarter is the perfect time.

The Holiday Season – Holiday season is where a lot of companies make most of their revenue. We have even seen a few companies focus on making revenue for the entire year between October – January. Meaning they don’t focus on sales for the remaining 8 months! With that being said, utilizing every marketing channel possible to maximize your potential earnings is critical. That can be a large endeavor if you have a small team. Hiring an agency with their own team and knowledge during the holiday season would free you up to focus on 2021, partnerships, finances, etc.

Peak Performances – If you recently had a peak month, quarter, or year even; sustaining that growth is going to be your top priority to make it the new norm. To do that however, takes new thought processes, ideas, and strategies. That’s where an agency can come in and offer up their expertise on what to do next to continue the success. 

Low Performances – Listen, every company has hit a bad stretch. We have found ourselves in that situation before. It takes creativity and a willingness to venture out into unknown territory to get out of the slump. Using an agency can be just the thing to do that for you. A marketers whole job is to create and maintain growth for a company.  

Keeping this understanding in mind is a definite way to ensure you aren’t missing out on any growth opportunities. Smaller companies know better than anyone, business requires a leap of faith. To get from where you are, to where you want to be. Leave your doubts behind and take that jump, we promise you – we will catch you, and we will reach new levels together! Contact us if you now know when to hire a marketing agency and want to build something special.

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