Using AB Testing For Your Website

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Web

Are you trying to increase the conversion rates of your website goals? The best way to do that is finding the right content that can grab your viewers. We recommend AB testing to test your old content with new content. We want to help you know what to test, when to test, and what software to use.

What Content Should You Test

Unless you are doing a complete web refresh, a test should be on something small. That could be changing the light CTA content, adding or taking out a paragraph, moving testimonials up or down on the page, replacing an image and so on. Which ever small change you decide, only test that one change. A test with multiple changes will dilute the results because you don’t know which one was the reason for an increase or decrease in your conversions. After a large sample amount for the test (we recommend over 2,000 sessions per variation) keep the content that increased your conversion rate.

How Often Should You Test

We recommend having one test a month for your website. This gives you time to build a large amount of data to find the wining variation and users who often visit your site won’t be constantly seeing changes on your website.

What Software Should You Test With

We personally like using Hotjar and Google Optimize for our testing. Hotjar is able to create heatmaps and recordings of where users go on your site. It gives you ideas of what to test next if particular buttons or sections don’t get much interactions. You can then use Google Optimize to create the the test. Optimize will even give you data to decide which variation was better.

Want professionals to handle your AB testing? We can manage your monthly testing to ensure you have the best website possible. We use Hotjar, Google Optimize, and other tools to create the best testing variations throughout your website. Contact us if you want more details.

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