Utilizing Key Website Features

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Web

Looking to add some website features to strengthen your site? Here are some different components to increase user satisfaction and conversions.

Clear Roadmap For Users

Clear roadmaps allows users to easily move from page to page without getting lost. If your menu has too many options or not enough, users can struggle finding what they need. The same goes for the amount of buttons on a page. With that being said, finding the right balance is key.

Chat Bot Capabilities

Chat bots create easy communication between users and you. Often times users want a quick answer that doesn’t require filling out a form or searching through your site. Chat bots can be a great resource to increase customer service and satisfaction.

Chat Bot Examples: Mobile Monkey

Subscription Options

Subscriptions help you gain customer email addresses to deliver useful information such as promos, blog posts, company updates, and more. For example, our subscription option signs up small business owners to receive our latest blog post on key marketing and operational advice. (We thank you if you are one of those people and hope these have been useful!) The trick to increasing subscriptions numbers is to have a good call to action and offer something of value. You won’t be able to easily obtain their information without those two things.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are great for two reasons:

  1. They give users valuable knowledge applicable to their situation. The more you can help your users, the better the chance you can turn them into conversions.
  2. They help SEO. Your post can include google keywords that your website pages don’t hit and it’s a free alternative to paying for google ads including those keywords.

Useful Contact Forms

Contact forms should be easy to find and fill out for users. There is nothing wrong with a simple contact form, but a creative and unique one can increase your chances of getting a submission.

Social Media Outlets

Social media outlets can be a great resource for new users to check the validity of your company. Links to your platforms need a place to live on your website allowing users to check out your company through other means to better understand your business.

The website you use for your company is as creative and powerful as you make it. Having some of these website features will help increase engagement and conversions because of the time and care you put into making it pleasing for users. You can contact us here if you would like for us to check out your website and give you some feedback on how to incorporate some of these components.

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