Looking for a strong website? Whether it’s a brand new site or a refresh, we got you covered.

A strong website can be an online extension of your sales team, validation of your business, and so much more.

Communication’s most important component is visual. Does your website emulate that?

Our Website Development Capabilities Can Include:


The right wording on pages to increase engagement with your website.


A creative and unique look to your website that emulates your values and brand.


Expert coding and back-end development to strengthen your website.


Adding features to your website like private pages, chat bots, and more.


Increasing your Google search rankings and user experience to grow your engagement.

A/B Testing

Test different parts of your website to find the best content to raise conversion rates.


Understand who comes to your website, how they got there, and what they do while visiting it.

Let’s Build A Website That Not Only

Meets, But Exceeds Your Needs

Man working on website development.

How This Service Works

  1. Pick which website development capabilities you want
  2. Sign contract with small contract signing fee
  3. Meet with Cover 3 leadership team to fill out a business roadmap
  4. Cover 3 specialists work hard to create something unique to your business
  5. Billed at end of each month until the project is completed
  6. Monthly charges are based on hours put in throughout the month. Meaning you have no wasted costs you would normally incur from monthly flat fees or inflated service costs
  7. Once Website is completed, keep us in your back pocket for website updates (only pay us for the time we put in)

Still unsure about using us, or any agency for that matter? We understand your hesitations. You know what to expect, but here are the benefits: Hiring A Marketing Agency.