WordPress: Setting Up A Local Environment

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Services

Local Environments allow a developer to use WordPress, along with WordPress supported plugins and page builders, without affecting a live website or dealing with the domain/hosting purchases before establishing the aesthetics and functionality of your dream website. 

Whether you’re an experienced developer knowledgeable in WP, experienced developer learning about WP, or unexperienced developer trying to understand how websites and WP work, setting up a local environment can help you test plugins and page builders, debug issues, and create amazing website with little to no restrictions before making live changes/additions.

Xxamp and WordPress Setup

Below are steps to configure a local environment for WordPress using Windows OS and Xxamp. Note: Xamp can be used for Mac OS although depending on the OS version alternatives such as MAMP may be a better alternative.

1)     Download the latest version of WP https://wordpress.org/download/ as well as Xxamp (during Xxamp download select default options) https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html

2)     Extract the WordPress file and place the file in the following directory C:\xampp\htdocs

3)     Launch Xxamp and click “Start” for Apache (Web Server) and MySql (Database), then click “Admin” to launch the phpMyAdmin page.


 4)     Once you’re on the phpMyAdmin page, create a new database. This is where the data pertaining to the local website will be stored (remember the database name that you created as it will be needed later on)

5)     Open a browser and type the following within the search bar http://localhost/WORDPRESS FILE NAME/wp-admin/setup-config.php

6)     Select your preferred language within the first prompt screen then type the following inputs for Database Name (without the parentheses), Username, Database Host, and Table Prefix. (Select any default settings for remaining screen prompts)

7)     Finish! Once the configurations have been established and if the browser does not automatically take you to the dashboard, type in the following: http://localhost/WORDPRESS FILE NAME/wp-admin.

To see some of the incredible websites we’ve built using techniques like this, check out Our Work. If you need help with a website developer, you can work with our team here.

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