The Best Ways to Grow Your Business

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Marketing Services

You are in business to make money whether you are the Owner, CMO, Operations Officer, Sales Director, or some other position. The more your company makes, the more you will get paid and have bigger budgets for your teams. With that ultimate goal of making and increasing revenue, you have to grow your business. If you are reading this, you probably are trying but don’t know where to start or have tried everything you can…

Well, we want to help with some key areas to focus on with a few ideas. And yes, we can help you with these if you have questions! Ways to grow your business:

#1: Build A Strong Brand

You can’t start growing before you have a brand. You need to have a strong foundation to build on. How does your logo look? Website? Are your colors all over the place? Do you have content that speaks the values and vision of your brand? These are extremely important questions to ask yourself. Look at your company with honest eyes and tell yourself the truth. Ask us, we won’t be shy! 

You can post all you want on social media, or create ads campaigns, or have a team of sales reps; but if you are sending them bad visuals or to a bad website, you have already lost. Your website, logo, and marketing channels all need to have strong content, look good, and be in unison with each other.

#2 Keep A Steady Sales Pipeline

A consistent pipeline of leads helps maintain your revenue stream. Having the occasional lack of leads will happen, but keep your foot on the gas pedal as much as you can. If you lose a strong lead, have another one take its place. You aren’t going to bat 1000, so it’s okay to keep adding to your pipeline even if you are close to capacity (because that means you are getting close to growing). Use lead generators, sales coaches, influencers, and marketing channels to help you keep a steady and growing pipeline. The more your name is out there, the more leads can come in the door.

BUT REMEMBER: little effort in a channel or plan will get you little results. What ever method or channels you use, USE THEM. If you are on Instagram for example, post 2-3 times a week, follow accounts, engage in your feed, and message people. That will help you so much more than just posting once a week and calling it a day…


All caps? Why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU WILL EVER USE IN MARKETING WHEN IT COMES TO GROWING YOUR BUSINESS. Reviews, or testimonials, need to come often and be shown everywhere to increase your company’s validity, reputation, image, and exposure. Places for reviews include your website, Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, or any other place your business might be on. For example, we ask our amazing and wonderful clients to fill out our GMB (Google My Business) to show off the trusted partner we can be for you. 

Not sure how or when to ask for a review? Do it when you make them happiest. After they purchased a product or you did an awesome job with the service. We have started using QR codes because they are fun, user friendly, and unique. 

#4 Keep Current Customers Happy

Well this is kind of obvious right? Of course you want to keep current customers happy to grow your business. Well, it’s harder said than done. Firstly, you will always spend a lot less money keeping a customer than getting a new one. BUT you still need to spend a little money and invest time on them. Engage with them often to keep them coming back and go beyond the service they paid for. This in turn can also make an influencer for you or get you a glowing review. 

If you need help implementing these or other ideas to grow your business, reach out to our team!

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